Poland's first IVF baby formally apostasises

130717 IVF

A young woman who was the first person in Poland born as a result of in vitro fertilisation has formally apostasised after the nation's bishops compared the procedure to 'plant breeding', World Crunch reports.

Agnieszka Ziolkowska, 25, a Catholic, had made it be known that she had been considering apostasy ever since the Polish Bishops Conference published a seminal 'bioethical document' in April.

In the report, meant to address key challenges facing contemporary culture, the Polish Catholic hierarchy strongly condemned IVF, calling it 'a procedure derived from animal and plant breeding'. The document accused infertile couples using IVF of 'delegating the production of their child to others'.

Ziolkowska, who was brought up in a Catholic family, and went to Catholic schools, finally made her apostasy formal earlier this month.

'Those people think that they can trample the dignity of others from the heights of their authority,' she said.  Although she is not a churchgoer anymore, she wanted to 'symbolically cut her relation' with the Catholic Church.


Why Poland's First IVF Child Has Kissed The Catholic Church Goodbye (World Crunch)


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