White Ribbon’s support for abortion ‘hypocritical'

White Ribbon has been supported by Catholic organisations (The Catholic Leader)

White Ribbon Australia, which aims to end violence against women, is under attack for supporting late-term abortion, The Catholic Leader reports.

The nationally-recognised charity has also entered the Queensland election fray by supporting the “It’s Not 1899 Campaign” by Pro Choice Queensland.

White Ribbon is named alongside organisations supporting candidates in the Queensland election who have made a “pro-choice” pledge to “vote to remove abortion from the criminal code”.

Ahead of White Ribbon Day on November 25, South Australian Christian high school teacher Trevor Grace and his wife Robyn, who runs Pregnancy Help SA, are leading a national campaign to inform organisations of the charity’s pro-abortion stance.

“Few people are aware that White Ribbon supports and endorses full-term abortion,” Mr Grace, a long-standing political activist, said.

He has contacted churches and Christian schools alerting them of White Ribbon Australia’s position statement on women’s reproductive rights which states that the charity believes: “Denying a woman access to contraception and abortion is a denial of basic rights to health care”.

White Ribbon is part of a pro-abortion coalition that includes Children by Choice, Emily’s List, Sex Party, Marie Stopes and Pro Choice Queensland. The charity has also joined the Human Rights Law Centre, Women’s Legal Service Queensland and the Queensland Council of Unions backing a push for Queensland political candidates to publicly state support for abortion.

Mr Grace said it was “hypocrisy” for White Ribbon Australia to come out quite publicly to advocate for late-term abortion and even the decriminalisation of abortion.

“The charity (which is being supported by public figures, media personalities, politicians and social justice advocates) claims to be ‘the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end men’s violence against women and girls’,” he said.

“The irony there is that 50 per cent of the children killed in the womb are female.”

Hillsong Church, which opposes abortion but is committed to stopping family violence, has already dropped its partnership with White Ribbon.

Brisbane Archdiocese is among Catholic organisations to have supported White Ribbon.

“In light of these developments, which are obviously a concern to us, the Archdiocese is looking into any associations it has with White Ribbon,” the Archdiocese said in a statement.


Controversy growing after White Ribbon pledges support for decriminalising abortion in Queensland (The Catholic Leader)

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