Putting the world’s poor on the payroll

Sabna and Rajeev Krishnan  (Caritas Australia)

Caritas Australia supporters from all walks of life are thinking creatively about how to spread goodwill and support the world's poor.

Sydney couple Sabna and Rajeev Krishnan’s newborn daughter was helping the world’s poorest and most vulnerable when she was still in the womb.

In lieu of giving gifts, Ms Krishnan asked the guests at her baby shower to donate to Caritas’ Women for the World initiative.

“We believe change should begin at home and in our own small ways we have tried doing what we can,” Ms Krishnan said.

Ms Krishnan, who also has a young son, is keenly aware of the challenges of being a woman in many societies all over the world today.

“It is appalling how women are challenged on a daily basis for basic human rights,” she said. “We believe and encourage raising awareness, helping our son to be empathetic and compassionate.”

Vince Fernon has supported Caritas for some 20 years, and in that time he has spear-headed a number of initiatives, including the "5:1 scheme" that saw the Australian Government match Vince and his network’s donations to Caritas at a rate of five to one. His commitment to Caritas was affirmed through a life-changing trip to Cambodia.

“My wife Michelle and I and a couple of other Caritas staff and supporters went to Cambodia in 2015. It gave us the opportunity to go around, to go to management meetings, to see what you do and how you do it,” Mr Fernon said.

“We noticed how good the governance of the projects were and how Caritas was giving money onto a partner who is interested in human dignity.

“If you run a small business you should put the poor of the world on your payroll. Each week you should have one person who is not an Australian receiving that money – that is the principle.”


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