Turning the lens onto Church's true wealth

Screenshot from the True Wealth of the Church video (Sydney Archdiocese)

Sydney Archdiocese has unveiled the first in a series of videos highlighting the irreplaceable services the Church provides nationally in health care, welfare and education.

A report on the Archdiocese's website yesterday said the videos have been produced as a response to recent media reports regarding the value of the Church's assets and its overall wealth.

"An ongoing campaign from various segments of the media, some minor political parties and other influencers and activists to strip the Church of its religious protections, charitable status and tax exemptions has caused some concern and dismay among Catholics," the website reports.

The first video provides a brief overview of the scale of the Church's outreach, including:

  • operating 68 hospitals and 414 nursing homes
  • educating some 765,000 students in 1736 primary and secondary schools
  • employing 220,000 Australians
  • providing outreach to the needy and support to families.

"Importantly, it also considers the effect on society if these services were to be diminished or eliminated," it states.

"The video illustrates why Catholic social services are vital and explains why the buildings in which they operate are not really ours to sell, because generations of Catholics have entrusted the material wealth of the Church to us to build these properties of hope and health so we can serve the real wealth of the Church – people in need."


The True Wealth of the Church (Sydney Archdiocese)

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