Praying for the release of asylum-seekers on Nauru

Praying at the vigil for asylum-seekers on Nauru (The Southern Cross)

Christians gathered in Adelaide’s Mary MacKillop Plaza for an ecumenical prayer vigil to encourage the Morrison Government to release refugee children being held in detention on Nauru. Source: The Southern Cross.

Part of a series of nation-wide prayer vigils advocating for #KidsOffNaru hosted by Love Makes a Way, the Adelaide event on November 2 was co-hosted by local organisation Justice for Refugees SA and focused on the need for adults and children to be removed from Nauru.

Representatives of the Catholic Church were in the crowd, including Adelaide Administrator Delegate Fr Philip Marshall and members of the Office for Renewing Parishes.

Reverend John Hughes, Minister in Placement at Brougham Place Uniting Church, attended the vigil with his young family and was proud that, despite the cool weather, many turned out to stand up for the "least of these".

“It was really moving to see so many people come out. It was a chilly evening, but that didn’t stop people coming to pray for the children and to call on our government to act with integrity and compassion,” he said.

“It was particularly fitting to gather beside the statue of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop playing with children.

“This highlighted our call to care for the children and dispossessed in our midst.”

Rev Hughes said it was important that Christians remember the call of Christ to be a compassionate and caring community, and that Christ particularly cared for the children and the least of these.

“It has become clear over the years that indefinite detention is detrimental to the health and well-being of the children and all people,” he said.

“It is unjust and inhumane for these people to continue to be held in such a way. It fails to honour their dignity and that they are made in the image of God.”

As well as singing prayers of hope and salvation, attendees formed small prayer circles with those near them to reflect on the suffering of those in off-shore detention, and to pray intimately.


Prayers for Nauru children and adults (The Southern Cross

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