Support group delivers safe haven for pregnant women

Fr Adrian Sharp with Jane’s newborn baby (The Catholic Leader)

Since it was set up in 2012, Brisbane’s Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated safe house has helped many women birth their babies – and now it has had its first in-house delivery. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Young mother Jane Arnott*, a resident at the safe house, could feel the final contractions coming and a cool-headed house supervisor stepped in as an emergency midwife to make the delivery

“Yes, well it wasn’t expected,” Ms Arnott said, cuddling her newborn daughter. It all happened very quick compared to my first one. Just glad she is healthy and all went well.”

Ms Arnott has been staying at the safe house with her two-year-old daughter since September and has nothing but praise for the house supervisor, who has cared for them each step of the way through a difficult pregnancy.

“They are really lovely,” Ms Arnott said. “I got evicted from where I was. If it wasn’t for the safe house I probably would have ended up homeless.”

Brisbane Oratory in Formation moderator Fr Adrian Sharp, a long-time supporter of Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated, hailed the charity’s practical help offered to women under pressure to abort their unborn children.

PCI often takes in women who are distressed, abused and impoverished.

“The pressure on them (pregnant women) to abort is often very strong, and it's often coupled with violence,” Fr Sharp said.

“So the safe house is necessary for some women because they don’t have a choice. They need to get out of the situation they are in so they can feel safe and so they can allow the children to be born.”

The pro-life service operates 24-hours-a-day, year-round.

Another guest at the safe house, a refugee woman, arrived one month ago after fleeing from abuse. She was heavily pregnant and gave birth in hospital a few days later.

“I find the safe house so helpful – very supportive,” the refugee woman said.

Fr Sharp said the safe house took in some of the most vulnerable young mothers.

“We are there doing our little bit,” he said.

*Not her real name


Safe delivery – city sanctuary offers endangered mothers a place to raise their bundles of joy (The Catholic Leader

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