Students add safe drinking water to their bucket list

School kids take up the Water Challenge (Caritas Australia/Mal Webster)

Today is World Water Day and school students will be fundraising for Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion campaign using buckets and recycled water.

Funds raised from the Water Challenge will help support humanitarian aid programs and to drive change in communities experiencing poverty globally.

For the past week, participants in the challenge have been saving water wherever possible - such as during showering or cleaning their teeth. The aim was to save five litres of water each day.

Today, Caritas is asking supporters around Australia to collect up to five litres of water in a bucket, and walk up to three kilometres to show solidarity with children around the world who don’t have immediate access to clean, safe drinking water.

Caritas Australia Head of Engagement and Sustainability, Richard Landels, said, “According to the United Nations, each year more people die, the majority aged under the age of five, from diseases caused by dirty water than from all forms of violence, including war.”

“A lack of clean water disrupts the education of young people and robs communities of income and food, which is hard to comprehend - even in a country like ours which is feeling the burden of drought.”

“That’s why we’re asking participants of the Water Challenge to go the extra mile and put themselves in the shoes of others experiencing poverty around the world,” said Mr Landels.


Aussie school kids grab a bucket for World Water Day (Caritas Australia)

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