New government must tackle poverty: Vinnies

Scott Morrison and his family celebrate after the Coalition’s win on Saturday (Facebook/ScottMorrison4Cook)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition face the major challenge of helping three million Australians living in poverty, the St Vincent de Paul Society says. Source: The Catholic Leader.

St Vincent de Paul Society National Council president Claire Victory acknowledged the Coalition’s win, but also the challenges ahead.

“We look forward to working with (Mr Morrison’s) re-elected government to build a fairer and more just nation,” Ms Victory said.

“The government and the country face major challenges, with three million Australians living in poverty and hundreds of thousands of Australians struggling to find an affordable home.

“Our experience tells us that individuals and families who are out of work or under-employed are struggling to make ends meet.”

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge said the election result was a surprise to most, and it showed that the national psyche was harder to read than often thought.

“Clearly polls struggle to take its measure,” he said. “But the democratic process is comparatively risk-free in this country, given that neither of the major parties strays far from the centre.”

Archbishop Coleridge said the Church sought to work with all elements of the political spectrum while identifying with no particular party.

“We will work with the new government not only to defend the interests of the Church but also to promote the common good for all Australians,” he said.

Issues on the agenda or raised during the election campaign include religious freedom, abortion, euthanasia and social services.

Religious freedom was a significant sleeper issue for many Australian voters concerned that a Shorten government would restrict their liberty to pursue faith and religion.

Christian Schools Australia national executive officer Mark Spencer told The Sydney Morning Herald parents in marginal seats had expressed concern over the protection of religious freedom.

Pro-life group Cherish Life Queensland said it was “overjoyed with the life-valuing outcome”.

“What Labor promised meant that if Bill Shorten won government … taxpayer-funded public hospitals would have been forced to perform abortions on request – even late-term abortions of healthy babies of healthy mothers,” Cherish Life Queensland executive director Teeshan Johnson said.


Newly elected Morrison Government faces three million Aussies on struggle street, Vinnies says (The Catholic Leader

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