Church reaffirms ‘sacredness and dignity’ of human life

The Perth Archdiocese reaffirmed its commitment to respecting the dignity of human life (Bigstock)

The Perth Archdiocese “does not accept” that alleviating pain and suffering should include “the deliberate ending” of a person’s life, despite the legalisation of euthanasia in Western Australia.

In a statement released yesterday, the Perth Archdiocese acknowledged the “clear decisions” of the state’s Parliament in passing the Voluntary Assisted Dying bill on Tuesday.

“In doing so the Catholic Church reaffirms its own commitment to the sacredness and dignity of every human life and to the ethic of care, compassion and respect for human life which has characterised the Church’s services in Western Australia for over 120 years,” the Perth Archdiocese said.

“The Catholic Church’s teachings on voluntary assisted dying are well known and have not changed. The Church believes in and promotes both the highest quality and most medically advanced palliative care available for those who are dying. This includes the use of all available medication to alleviate pain and suffering. The Church does not accept that this should include the deliberate ending of a person’s life.”

The Church’s health, aged-care and disability agencies “will continue to deliver the same quality of service and the same standard of medical and pastoral care which have been so highly valued in our community for many decades” the Perth Archdiocese said.

“At the heart of this care are our foundational convictions regarding the sacredness and dignity of every human life.

“The contribution of the Catholic Church to the provision of health, aged-care and disability agencies is significant. Given the recent decision of the Parliament, the Church looks forward to collaborating proactively with the Western Australian Government to ensure that our longstanding contribution to the people of this state can continue without compromising the fundamental precepts which underpin all that Catholic agencies offer the people of Western Australia.”


Statement on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation (Perth Archdiocese)

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