Jackman shines in true-crime drama

Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney in Bad Education (IMDB)

Michael Douglas, as Gordon Gecko in 1987’s Wall Street, told us that “greed is good”. In Bad Education, educators not only give the thumbs up to Gecko’s theory, but put it into practice. Source: ACOFB

Review by Fr Peter Malone MSC, ACOFB

It is based on a true story about education figures from an affluent community on Long Island in the early 2000s. The film is a showcase for the acting talents of Australian Hugh Jackman. He brings his extraordinary charm to the role of Frank Tassone, a local superintendent of schools, beloved by his community. He is ambitious to develop the prestige of the school where he is based, and in turn the status of the local community and property values in the area.

He is supported in his work by the local school principal, played by Ray Romano, and his associate in the office and in the ambitions, played by Alison Janney. But, it is all a façade.

The film could be viewed as the portrait of a narcissist who is full of charm concerning his own wellbeing and success, but conscienceless in his exploitation. Frank Tassone a looks in the mirror quite often, sees wrinkles of ageing, undergoes some plastic surgery, but always smiling, no matter what.

The unscrupulous deeds of the educators begin to unravel. This is a moral fable, a warning that while greed has its many moments of good, it is intrinsically evil and leads to downfall.

Bad Education is streaming now on Foxtel and Binge, and is available to buy on Google Play, YouTube and Microsoft Store.

Bad Education: Starring Hugh Jackman, Alison Janney, Geraldine Viswanathan, Ray Romano, Annaleigh Ashford, Stephen Spinella, Raphael Casal, Alex Wolfe. Directed by Corey Finley. Rated MA.


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