Catholic religious institutes sign on to scheme

0423carr Br Peter Carroll FMS

All 57 Catholic religious institutes named in the child abuse royal commission data survey have either been declared or have committed in writing to join the National Redress Scheme. Source: Catholic Religious Australia.

All of the Australia’s largest religious institutes have been officially declared by the Minister of Social Services. In addition, numerous religious institutes not named by the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse have also joined or are committed to joining the NRS.

“The commitment of Catholic Religious Australia members to work compassionately with survivors of child sexual abuse has been ongoing for 20 years and continues to be demonstrated by religious institutes joining the National Redress Scheme,” said Br Peter Carroll FMS, president of Catholic Religious Australia.

The participation of religious institutes in the NRS represents hundreds of organisations providing education, health, aged care, and other social services for which religious institutes have been responsible currently or in the past.

CRA has taken a leadership role in providing advice and support to religious institutes to assist them in joining the redress scheme. CRA membership is varied and while many have had responsibility for children, others have had no role working with children. Each religious institute has made this commitment to the NRS as an independent entity.

“Catholic religious institutes believe in the NRS; we want the NRS to work effectively, we want it to be successful for survivors. The NRS is a valuable pathway for survivors and one that provides a simpler, less traumatic alternative to civil litigation,” Br Peter said.


100 per cent of Religious Institutes named in Royal Commission Join National Redress Scheme (Catholic Religious Australia)

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