Pray more, complain less: Pope

Pope Francis prays before the vested statue of St Peter at St Peter’s Basilica yesterday (Vatican Media)

On the feast of Saints Peter and Paul yesterday, Pope Francis stressed the importance of unity in the Church, urging Catholics to spend less time complaining and more time in prayer. Source: Crux.

The Pope began his homily noting that the feast of Peter and Paul celebrates two men who were very different and “could argue heatedly,” but who “saw one another as brothers, as happens in close-knit families where there may be frequent arguments but unfailing love.”

God, he said, “did not command us to like one another, but to love one another. He is the one who unites us, without making us all alike.”

Pointing to Herod’s persecution of Christians in the early days of the Church, Francis noted that “at that dramatic moment, no one complained about Herod’s evil and his persecution.”

“It is pointless, even tedious, for Christians to waste their time complaining about the world, about society, about everything that is not right,” he said, adding that, “Complaints change nothing.”

Instead of “casting blame,” the early Christians prayed, he said. “In that community, no one said: ‘If Peter had been more careful, we would not be in this situation.’ No, they did not complain about Peter; they prayed for him.”

“They did not talk about Peter behind his back; they talked to God,” he said, urging people to ask themselves whether they are “protecting” the unity of the Church with prayer, and what would happen if they complained less and prayed more.


Pray for unity in the Church, pope says honouring Peter and Paul (Crux

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