End-of-Life Choices bill is ‘state-sanctioned suicide’

Eric Abetz (Facebook/Senator Abetz)

The seductive smooth salesmanship of the End-of-Life Choices bill glosses over the ugliness of state-sanctioned suicide, writes Eric Abetz. Source: The Examiner.

For that is what "voluntary assisted dying" or "euthanasia" stripped of its nice words actually is – state-sanctioned suicide. There are no choices being offered.

The only option offered by the bill, soon to be debated in the Tasmania Parliament, is the finality of death and authorising others to assist in the death.

Heartrending stories of difficult deaths countered by heart-warming stories of last day/hour reconciliations and unanticipated recovery provide an emotional yet unhelpful element to the debate.

No question as serious as state-sanctioned suicide/killing should be settled on individual cases, nor emotive scenarios.

Ultimately, a general principle must be found which transcends particular cases.

As with capital punishment, one principle which could be universally applied is that human life should be valued to the extent which puts it beyond the state. What value do we place on the life of our fellow citizens?

Once administered, state-sanctioned suicide remains permanent.

Death is irrevocable. Let's campaign for a right to live rather than a so-called "right to die" which will inevitably come to us all.

Eric Abetz is a Liberal senator for Tasmania


OPINION: Voluntary assisted dying is state-sanctioned suicide (The Examiner

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