Online Mass brings Maree back to church

Maree Hyde (The Catholic Leader)

Maree Hyde was used to life without Sunday Mass until a comment she read on Facebook four months ago turned her into an almost daily virtual Massgoer. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Ms Hyde’s mum, a member of the Caloundra parish, had left a comment on the community’s live-streamed Mass, which the parish has offered on its Facebook page since March 19.

“Mum had commented on their church online Mass, and I thought it’d be interesting for me to watch it,” Miss Hyde said. “I started watching it almost every day.”

The 40-year-old said she had been to the Caloundra parish once before with her parents, but had not been to regular Sunday Mass for nearly eight years. She said she did not have transport to get to Mass.

“I went to church until I was in my teens and stopped going … not that I think I stopped believing in God, it’s just that I wasn’t going to church.”

Ms Hyde said the daily readings and homilies from the parish’s four priests helped her rediscover her faith.

“With the online Masses I started to form a stronger spiritual connection,” she said.

“Even though I’m not really there and we do spiritual communion, it still feels like I’m attending. “So I said to my dad, ‘I couldn’t go to church but church found me through online Mass’.”

Miss Hyde said after watching online Mass for several months, she “couldn’t wait to go to confession”, which happened last month.


Parish’s livestream Mass brings Maree home to the Church after eight years away (By Emilie Ng, The Catholic Leader

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