PM urged to ‘show mercy’ and release asylum-seekers

Anne Walker and Br Peter Carroll FMS (CRA)

Catholic Religious Australia has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison urging the Government to show mercy towards asylum-seekers who are suffering, calling for their immediate release.

CRA president Br Peter Carroll FMS said that as a result of the COVID-19, many Australians had experienced restrictions and deprived of their liberty, restrictions which were “well-articulated, they had a purpose and were limited” .

“In Australia and on islands off-shore, there are other people who continue to live with total restrictions on their liberty and whose incarceration is indefinite, with no end in sight,” Br Peter said.

Anne Walker, CRA national executive director said most detained asylum-seekers are “unsure of the real reasons for their detention”.

“They are not criminals; they only wanted a better life for themselves and their families,” Ms Walker said.

In the letter, Br Peter and Ms Walker said Christmas is “is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill for all”. They argue that it is time for the Government to “release the asylum-seekers and refugees who have been incarcerated for years”.

“There is no purpose to their imprisonment. They are suffering needlessly. Now is the time. Give them some mercy this Christmas – please.”


Catholic religious urge Australian Government to release asylum-seekers and refugees this Christmas (CRA)

Open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison (CRA)

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