Despite COVID, Palms seeks mission assistance

Current Palms Australia missionary Liz O’Sullivan with a year 3 English class at Klothor School, Thailand (Palms Australia)

For 60 years Palms Australia has been recruiting, preparing and sending Catholics to fill overseas professional placements in response to requests from international community partners.

With COVID-19 preventing the gatherings Palms would normally hold to facilitate recruitment for mission, Palms is instead asking for the assistance of the Australian Catholic community to recruit the qualified and experienced Australians requested by partner organisations in low-income communities.

These partners believe that the people Palms prepare and send for between one and three years provide the most effective and sustainable solutions to poverty.

“It is difficult to be precise, but it seems we need to be ready to meet partner request and begin sending again in the second half of this year, or early 2022,” said Palms executive director Roger O’Halloran.

Palms thoroughly prepares and supports those recruited for mutual development and is welcoming inquiries today to ensure an appropriately paced preparation.

The Palms website provides background to positions currently available.

“You can have a look on your own behalf, but please also let your friends, family and others know about the many and varied opportunities,” Mr O’Halloran said.

It is anticipated that even more requests from partners will be added in coming months.



Palms Australia seeks Mission recruitment assistance (Palms Australia) 

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