When we pray ‘the saints pray with us’

Pope Francis delivers his general audience at the Vatican yesterday (CNS/Vatican Media)

Christians are never alone in prayer but instead are accompanied by myriad saints who protect them and seek God’s intercession, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: Crux.

Whenever men or women open their hearts to God, they will always be in the “company of anonymous and recognised saints who pray with us and who intercede for us as older brothers and sisters who have preceded us on this same human adventure”, the Pope said during his weekly general audience.

Continuing his series of talks on prayer, the Pope reflected on the connection between prayer and the communion of saints who are “not far from us” and are a reminder of Jesus Christ because they have also “walked the path of life” as Christians.

“In the Church, there is no mourning that remains solitary, no tear that is shed in oblivion, because everything breathes and participates in a common grace,” he said.

The tradition of having graveyards around churches is a sign of that sharing, he said. It is “as if to say that every Eucharist is attended in some way by those who have preceded us. There are our parents and grandparents, our godfathers and godmothers, our catechists and other educators”, who have not only transmitted faith but also “the way of praying”.

Departing from his prepared remarks, the Pope said the lives of saints also serve as a reminder that “even in our lives, though weak and marked by sin, holiness can blossom”.


Saints accompany, intercede for Christians in prayer, Pope says (By Junno Arocho Esteves, Crux

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