Job package plans for cashless debit card sites

Under tThe cashless debit card program sees 80 per cent of an individual’s welfare payments are quarantined on a card that cannot be used to buy alcohol or gambling products (ABC Wide Bay/Nicole Hegarty)

The Morrison Government will roll out a job-ready package across the four cashless debit card sites to help recipients of government assistance come off welfare. Source: ABC News.

Senator for Western Australia Matt O’Sullivan has been appointed to lead the $30 million project which he said would cater to the four sites: Ceduna, South Australia, East Kimberly region, Goldfields, WA and Bundaberg-Hervey Bay in Queensland.

Under the cashless debit card (CDC) program, 80 per cent of an individual’s welfare payments are quarantined on a card that cannot be used to purchase alcohol or gambling products.

“We want to see individuals that are there on the cashless debit card actually get off welfare and into a job, and we recognise that there are many barriers that individuals might have to getting off welfare,” Senator O’Sullivan said.

He said the Government was still committed to the cashless debit card despite crossbenchers in the Senate last year saying they were not convinced there was enough evidence to show the trials were working.

The Department of Social Services released figures recently relating to the card’s effect in Ceduna, saying CDC welfare recipients had been prevented from spending about $220,000 on alcohol over five years.

Monash University researcher Luke Greenacre, who has conducted studies on the CDC trials, said “There’s about 500 people give or take on the card, and this was over a five-year period. So $220,000, when you actually divide that by the number of people and over the number of years, that’s about $80 per person, per year”.


Federal government to roll out $30 million job-ready package for cashless debit card sites ( By Evelyn Leckie, ABC News)

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