Crises are signs that Church is alive: Pope

Pope Francis in the Worldwide Prayer Network’s latest Pope Video (CNS/Vatican Media)

Difficulties and crises within the Church are not signs of a community in decline but one that is alive and living through challenges, just like men and women today, Pope Francis said. Source: CNS.

“Let us remember that the Church always has difficulties, always is in crisis, because she’s alive. Living things go through crises. Only the dead don’t have crises,” he said.

In a video message released by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network yesterday, the Pope offered his prayer intention for the month of August, which is dedicated to the Church’s mission of evangelisation.

At the start of each month, the network posts a short video of the Pope offering his specific prayer intention.

The Church’s call to evangelise and not proselytise, he said, is more than just a vocation; it is a part of the Church’s identity.

“We can only renew the Church by discerning God’s will in our daily life and embarking on a transformation guided by the Holy Spirit. Our own reform as persons is that transformation. Allowing the Holy Spirit, the gift of God, in our hearts reminds us what Jesus taught and helps us put it into practice,” the Pope said.

Catholics can renew the Church only by “discerning God’s will in our daily life” and putting Jesus’ teaching into practice, he added.

“Let us begin reforming the Church with a reform of ourselves, without prefabricated ideas, without ideological prejudices, without rigidity, but rather by moving forward based on spiritual experience — an experience of prayer, an experience of charity, an experience of service,” the Pope said.


Crises are signs that church is still alive, pope says (By Junno Arocho Esteves, CNS)

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