French director grows beautiful rose

Catherine Frot (second from left) in The Rose Maker (Madman Entertainment)

The Rose Maker is a French comedy-drama about a once successful rose grower who reluctantly hires workers with no horticultural skills to save her business from bankruptcy. Source: Jesuit Media.

Director Pierre Pinaud is known for his love of flowers. Horticulture is his passion after the cinema. Pinaud sees flowers and cinemas feeding on the same source: "The search for an aesthetic and a staging".

In the film, Eve Vernet (Catherine Frot) is a successful rose grower and respected horticultural specialist. She grows and grafts them, and creates new varieties that have won her multiple awards and admiration as a rose producer. She wants to honour her father, who ran the rose business when she was a small child.

Her family business is in financial strife. Although Eve is experiencing difficult times, she is resisting her business being taken over by anyone else.

Sensing her angst and frustration, her caring secretary-assistant, Vera (Olivia Cote), decides to take action to help her. Without prior discussion, she recruits three farmhands – Samir (Bouyahmed), Nadege (Petiot), and Fred (Omerta), who know nothing about the rose trade, or anything remotely horticultural. Vera puts them to work, which they can’t really do. As helpers, though, humanity shines through, and that affects Eve, her workers and their relationship to each other.

The acting in this movie is spirited and delightful. Frot shows wonderful timing in her verbal repartee, and the three farmhands project a beguiling air of French spontaneity and authenticity, as Eve goes about organising their lives.

Pinaud has created a gentle, and highly enjoyable movie.

Review by Peter Sheehan, Jesuit Media

The Rose Maker (La Fine Fleur): Starring Catherine Frot, Olivia Cote, Fatsah Bouyahmed, Marie Petiot, Melan Omerta, Vincent Dedienne and Rukkmini Ghosh. Directed by Pierre Pinaud. Rated M (Coarse language). 95 min. In cinemas now.


The Rose Maker (Jesuit Media via Australian Catholics)  

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